Uma Zalakain

a picture of me

I am a Scala engineer doing functional programming for ITV Shows & News.

I was a PhD student at the Formal Methods Research Group at the University of Glasgow.

My CV is here. Sometimes I tweet.

Research Interests

I am interested in compilers, programming language theory, process calculi, type theory, and machine verification. During my PhD I am working on the machine verification of typed process calculi.

Internships and Professional Experience

Functional programming for ITV Shows & News Backend

ITV PLC, April 2022 - present

Scala Engineer

Types and Type Changing Operations for Distributed Data Structures

Microsoft Research Cambridge, 2021

Research Internship

RISE: a functional pattern-based data-parallel language

Edinburgh University, 2021

Research Assistant

Research Activities

Invited Talks and Participations

Proving in Constructive Mathematics by Programming in Agda (10h seminar series) (link)

Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, 2021

Theorem Proving with Dependent Types in Agda

Formal Analysis, Theory & Algorithms Seminar, 2021

An Introduction to Session Types

Mathematically Structured Programming 101, 2020

Mechanising the Linear π-calculus

Languages, Systems, and Data Seminar, 2020

π with leftovers: a mechanisation in Agda

Programming Languages at the University of Glasgow, 2020

Verification of Session Types, 2020

Agda Implementors’ Meeting, 2020

Machine Verification with Agda

Seminar series at UoG

Type-Checking a Session-Typed π-Calculus with Coq

Student talks at SPLV’19

Student talks at BehAPI

Tutoring and Co-Supervision